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 DiCAPac Waterproof Test Report


 Met Standard Requirements for Japan JIS IPX8



 All DiCAPac products have passed Japan's rigorous JIS IPX8 test, and are all waterproof products

 of grade 8 (the highest grade).

*JIS stands for Japan Industrial Standard, an industrial standard system.

  Grade 1: protected against dripping water for 10 min. at 200mm

  Grade 2: protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees for 10 min. at 200mm

  Grade 3: protected against spraying water for 10 min. at 200mm

  Grade 4: protected against splashing water for 10 min. at 300-600mm

  Grade 5: protected against water jets for 3 min. at 3m

  Grade 6: protected against heavy seas for 30 min. at 3m

  Grade 7: protected against the effects of immersion for 30 min.

  Grade 8: protected against submersion


 DiCAPac Waterproof Test


 Waterproof Test

  Korea: Deepzone Diving Pool 5M Underwater - Success!!

  Philippines: Sapang Beach 18M Underwater - Success!!


 By Underwater Instructor, Mr. Kim Yoon Jae

 The camera waterproof housing is economical, easy to handle and waterproof.

 The test results from two separate test programs : in the diving pool & at Sapang Beach

 certified that the DiCAPac case is absolutely perfect for underwater performance.


 Up to 33 feet of depth, the operating controls are quite easy to use and good photographs

 are common. Below 33 feet, you may experience some difficulties operating the camera,

 but the waterproof integrity is good to 99 feet.


 The super transparent vinyl case and the optical lens are very good, and it is really amaizing

 that the same picture effectiveness can be aquired from DiCAPac as with the those high -end and

 expensive camera housing cases.


 DiCAPac series products are suitable for almost all digital camera models. It is also an attractive

 product for either general consumers or even divers.


 When around sharp objects the surface of the vinyl pack is easy to scratch or tear. It is important

 to inspect the surface quality before using. Nevertheless it is very useful at anytime such as summer

 season entertainment and even as protection from the rain.

 Before underwater photography, be sure that you test the waterproof condition of the case by

 inserting a test tissue and submerging it. If you do so, the chances of your total satisfaction will



 The summer season is approaching. DiCAPac would like to help you care for your camera and enjoy

 the magic of underwater photography.

 Here We Are! DiCAPac!!





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