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    Digital Cameras

    Mobile Phones

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    iPods / MP3 Players

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    How To Use DiCAPac

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  How To Use DiCAPac




   Directions to use:

  1. Open the mouth of the case.

  2. Put your camera into the case.

  3. Zip the case and press.

  4. Fold along the folded lines and stick the first velcro.

  5. Close with second velcro.

  6. After use, remove the water then take the camera out

     while keeping the mouth part in a downward position.


 *Cautions Before Use

  After purchase, check if there is any damage on its surface. Put some paper or fabric into DiCAPac,

  shake or press it in the water. If you find the paper or fabric wet, please exchange your product at

  the place you purchased. We are not responsible for damages made by owner's carelessness or



 *Cautions While Using

  1) Use it after doing the waterproof test found in the *Caution before use, and checking the area

      between the lens adapter and the joint, unit or damage of the lens.

  2) Check for damage at the mouth and zipper after each use, and avoid strong impacts and

      sharp obejects. Don't leave it under the hot sun for long. It can be damaged.

  3) There can be humidity in it depending on the difference of temperatures between inside and

      outside of the product. In the case, just turn the lens OPEN and you can remove the humidity.

  4) In case of sand or fog matter, clean and rinse with running water.


 *Cautions After Use

  When taking camera out of the case, keep the mouth part in a downward position,

  and shake & wipe off any water around the mouth part. Don't keep the mouth part upward.

  It can cause your camera damaged as water around the mouth part can drop into the case.


  This waterproof case is for protecting cameras from dust, water, snow, rain, sand & etc.

  It is also made for comparatively simple underwater shots at the beach or in a pool.

  In case that you need professional underwater shots, please use only dedicated housing or

  professional underwater shooting euipment.




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